Stockenja is the creator of the trading tool for beginners, Crystal Ball, which shows probability of stock price rising and its average return over different period of time.

We also offer a free 2-hours course for beginners to learn about investing.

Our Story

We are sure that you have heard this many times - "The stock market is an incredible place to grow your money. But it is risky." Our creator went through the same scenario as well.

For years, he had the temptation to buy stocks but was not courageous enough to purchase stock due to the unpredictable nature. However, this changed when he learn technical analysis and wrote a software to make it easier to make purchasing decisions.

Using some probability theory and mathematical finance he learned in school combined with his strong software development skillset, he created a software to calculate the probablity of a stock price would rise. So far, this software has gave him the confidence and insight that he needs to perform stock trading. This software help his trading performance greatly.

Now, the creator of Stockenja would like to share this software by rewriting this software for the cloud called - Crystal Ball. Our goal is to create a software that would help anyone who is interested in stock trading/investment to make better decisions and earn higher returns. Join our mailing to get notify when our Kickstarter campaign starts!

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